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So More Media combines the talents of experienced teams and established solutions:

We enhance global operations for major players, whilst offering by
unrivalled intimacy with local markets — and media organisations
of any size — across Europe, the heartlands of our individual strengths. 

We believe that world-class technological solutions come from
combining the best of breed systems to create superior value.  We are
a partner-focused culture, committed to strong alliances with leading
integration partners to help exceed our customers’ needs. 


So More Media is full of tireless media technology wizards with
a shared mission to build more success for more clients, globally. 

We are determined to bring new opportunities to our customers,
enabling them to exploit the digital advantage through deep,
game-changing, and all-embracing automation at the core
of their production processes. 

Our innovation goal is to enable
customers to achieve theirs, both
immediate and long-term.


To become the name, the team, and the solutions that broadcast and media industry players turn to for every benefit technology can deliver to how they excel in their fields and how they realise their core purposes. 

We help them achieve their goals to create, to inform, to educate, and to entertain.

We’re here for our customers. We’re here for their future.

our values

our values


Our customers enrich our insights as much as, we hope, we enrich theirs. We value knowledge from the experts we work with on the customer side; we become a team together. We learn from each other, inspire and challenge each other. We do more than simply provide software solutions – we explore the context, get to know the users (both on the editorial and the technical side) and stay together for the journey, in readiness for the next.

fresh every day

Our talented and enthusiastic people bring fresh perspectives and innovative ideas to the table, making sure our solutions are technologically advanced, and creatively inspired. Almost every day brings a fresh challenge and when it doesn’t, we invent one. This is the spirit of innovation which never stops. Thinking afresh every day keeps our commitment, enthusiasm, and inventiveness high, and drives it higher.

be in the moment

Our deep and absolute knowledge and awareness of the evolving needs of our customers depends on closeness – intimacy with what our customers want to achieve, and rapid responsiveness to changes in the broadcast and media landscape. We stay close to trends, to what innovations are driving the success of industry leaders and stimulating disruption in the world of technology. 

our products