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So More Media’s Ecosystem: Infinite Possibilities for Your Media Workflows

These days, media is as omnipresent as the air we breathe. In fact, the worldwide media market is forecast to be worth USD 1973.57 billion by 2029. The TV and video segment dominating at USD 813.60 billion; the music, radio and podcast segment is expected to be worth USD 140.00 billion.

What’s more, data from December 2023 shows that within one internet minute, 4,000,000 Facebook posts were liked, 694,000 Instagram reels were sent, and hundreds of thousands of hours of content were consumed.

With so much content to manage via complex media workflows, innovation is necessary – innovation that pushes beyond the current efficiency standards.

Enter So More Media, a visionary collaboration of three leading solutions providers: Woody Technologies, M&I Broadcast Solutions, and VSN. This alliance is poised to redefine the media landscape with a suite of solutions that provide infinite possibilities for automating workflows.

Our range of technologies – from asset management solutions to tools for ingest, radio automation and BI – converge to create a dynamic ecosystem that enhances team agility, optimises productivity, and fortifies security. So, read on to learn how we solve the most critical challenges of media companies worldwide.

Comprehensive Media Solutions for Diverse Needs

Media Planning

Integrated media planning tools provide a strategic framework that help in allocating resources efficiently, streamlining workflows, and ensuring content reaches the intended audience at the optimal time.

So More Media’s advanced media planning solutions help organisations to anticipate market trends, align content with audience preferences, and maximise the impact of their media campaigns.

Media Management and Scheduling Software

VSNCrea is our comprehensive solution designed for effective media planning and management, offering a range of features that cater to the needs of traditional TV networks, large enterprises, and companies with non-linear channels. It’s also cloud ready, offering a flexible and accessible deployment.

Here’s how it helps our customers:

  • Facilitates the management of your entire content catalogue (encompassing both advertising and broadcast programming) to streamline your media operations.
  • Automates the scheduling process for linear and non-linear channels, improving efficiency and aiding in maximising the profitability of your content.
  • Integrates seamlessly with the VSNExplorer platform, enhancing media asset management and workflow orchestration to ensure efficient and cohesive media operations.
  • Supports the distribution of content across multiple platforms, including private VoD channels, websites, and social networks, broadening your audience reach and engagement.
VSNExplorer BPM

In addition to our media planning solution, we offer VSNExplorer BPM, our advanced tool for automation and orchestrating all of your business processes. It comes with an intuitive user interface for quick and easy editing. It’s also highly customisable and again, offers an open architecture for easy integration and scalability.


To improve processes further, VSNExplorer BI detects bottlenecks in workflows so you can optimise efficiency. Users have charts, reports and dashboards at their disposal, and the software can also use data from third-party systems for the most comprehensive analyses.

Media Asset Management Software

The incomprehensible volumes of content that exist today can no longer be managed manually – at least not by any organisation that values efficiency.

A comprehensive media asset management system, or MAM system, serves as the backbone of any media organisation, ensuring that video files, audio files, and any other media assets are stored securely, organised efficiently, and accessible when needed.

So More Media’s media asset management solution provides a centralised platform for managing a vast array of media assets, enabling users to search, retrieve, and distribute content seamlessly.

With powerful metadata tagging, archiving capabilities, and integration features, our MAM system streamlines content workflows, mitigates the risk of asset loss, and supports a collaborative production environment.

VSNExplorer MAM System

As mentioned, VSNExplorer is our web-based, scalable, open and flexible MAM software which integrates with VSNCrea, for the ultimate in streamlined workflows.

Here are some of its key features:

  • Advanced content searches: Easily search and locate content using advanced search functionalities; classify content and add metadata layers for easier searchability.
  • Segmentation: Create and manage custom metadata structures with programming code rules for advanced cataloguing.
  • Thesaurus management: Create standard terms for different usages, for coherent terminology when cataloguing your content; enable the validation of proposed terms depending on user permissions.
  • Storage and archive management: Integrates with any online storage platform. Partial file recovery is also possible, where only the high-resolution file is retrieved to the online storage.
  • Ingest, transcoding and rendering: All content is organised from the point of ingest. Choose between different transcoding and rendering engines depending on the system that you plan to use during production, editing, delivery, and broadcast.
  • Multiplatform distribution: Integrates with the main social networks and with online and non-linear platforms (such as web TV, OTT, VOD, etc.).
  • Adaptive low-resolution player: Automatically selects the quality that best matches the available network speed.
Ingest Solutions

Mastering the ingest process is the first step towards establishing efficient workflows.

Efficient file ingest, social media ingest, live stream capture, and video ingest workflows are all essential for maintaining the integrity and quality of media assets.

So More Media offers leading-edge ingest and outgest solutions that automate and simplify these processes.

Intuitive Solutions

Intuitive Solutions are a range of intuitive media processing tools for ingest and outgest – for everything from small production facilities to international broadcasting networks. Their easy configuration supports the quick construction of complex workflows.

IN2IT access

Camera and file ingest reaches new levels of efficiency thanks to this tool. The UI is highly configurable and admins can define rules for custom metadata, naming conventions and more. Supporting hundreds of source formats and multiple delivery protocols, it’s a highly versatile tool.

Here are some more key features:

  • Automatic detection of camera cards
  • Partial ingest, clips stitching
  • Embedded transcoding engine
  • MAM and PAM integration
  • Automated card backup
  • Advanced notifications
IN2IT social

Our social media ingest tool scours multiple sources to find the best trending social media topics based on advanced keyword and location searches. It also integrates with Chrome, so you don’t even have to click off your current page.

Some more features:

  • Reverse search for fact checking
  • End to end metadata processing
  • Integration with MAM and newsroom software
  • Support of various file sharing platforms

Such tools are vital for broadcasters looking to capture a younger audience by using social media content for professional TV storytelling.

IN2IT live

For live stream capture and real-time live content editing, this is the solution. It captures everything from live streams to remote interviews to screen capture, ingesting your audio and video files and other content to your central storage. Edit while you capture and have multiple users collaborating from any location.

More key features:

  • SD to 4K ingest
  • SDI router control
  • Black and freeze frame detection
  • Recording of Skype and Teams meetings
  • Third party video server control
  • Continuous recording
  • VTR control for tape ingest
IN2IT exchange

For seamless media workflow automation, this is the tool. It streamlines workflows from ingest to distribution, ensuring your content is accessible wherever and whenever needed. It can also integrate with multiple MAM, PAM and NRCS environments.

Here are more of its key features:

  • Import, export, and transfer tasks from and to any local, remote, or cloud-based environment.
  • Advanced media and metadata processing engine.
  • Cloud watchfolders and delivery.
  • Smooth integration with our other tools, with Avid® MediaCentral for streamlined ingest and outgest processes.
Radio Automation Software

Managing a vast library of music, ads, news, and talk shows can be overwhelming without the right processes and tools. Maintaining a consistent and high-quality broadcast around the clock is demanding, and doing so with resource constraints – and in a compliant manner – makes it all the more challenging.

What’s more, the expansion of digital platforms means radio stations often need to integrate various media formats and distribute content across multiple channels.


The best radio automation software, such as Omniplayer, provides the tools to automate and streamline all the above and optimise programming schedules, while maintaining consistent audio quality. Here’s how:

  1. Catalogue control: Organise all your assets with custom metadata. Easily transfer titles and sound files between different radio station databases.
  2. Production tools: Everything you need for ingest, recording and editing. Ingest directly to the software, automate recording sessions, save files to the database automatically and edit using SmartTrack, our advanced multitrack editing tool. Multiple users can edit while recording.
  3. Scheduling and playout: Manage schedules far in advance. Quickly generate them using templates for different schedule blocks.
  4. On-air: Use the Playout Client for all your on-air needs, including live assist and automated broadcasting. Logs are loaded clock by clock if it’s been programmed, and drag and drop functionality allow for quick modifications.
  5. Content distribution: Thanks to our API, users can easily publish on numerous platforms (including live video content).


At So More Media, our ecosystem stands as a powerhouse in media and broadcast solutions, offering a comprehensive suite of tools that cater to every aspect of your media workflows.

From media planning to asset management systems, from ingest solutions to radio automation, we equip organisations with all the necessary tools to navigate the complexities of today’s media landscape.

We not only address the current demands of media professionals but also anticipate the future, ensuring that our partners are always ahead of the curve, with infinite possibilities at their fingertips.

To request a demo of any of our solutions, contact us today.